What We Do

Whole House Audio

We crave music. It's a fun part of everyday life. With the latest in technology, it is now only a swipe away!

Since 2005 Kelly's Custom Home Entertainment has successfully worked with its clients to get music to key locations in the home or business. With our key brands like Sonos and Pardigm, achieving that gola is now easier than ever.

Whether you are looking for music in one or several locations, we can help. Contact us to discuss your options and to develop a plan that meets your budget.

Home Theatre & 5.1 Surround Sound

Get the movie experience in your own home!

The options today are fantastic. It may be a soundbar with wireless rear speakers, a full Theatre Room or something else. We will work with you to design and install the equipment to suit your needs.

At Kelly's Custom Home Entertainment, with top brands like Sonos, Paradigm, Epson, Yamaha and others, we can help you get the best solution for your home and budget. 

Contact us to discuss your options.

Wi-Fi Networks

Today you have more demands than ever before on your home wi-fi network. 

We create a solid infrastructure during the pre wire of your new home. That allows us to set up both wired and wireless Wi-Fi networks to fully service your household wi-fi needs. 

We have a great brands like Ubiquiti, Eero, leaders in this technology. 

Contact us to let Kelly's design your system to fit your needs and budget.

Home Security Camera Products

Keeping an eye on your home is becoming increasingly important - whether you are travelling the globe, at your cabin, at work or just out and about.

At Kelly's Custom Home Entertainment, we have the latest from Dahu, the world's leader in residential home monitoring.

Contact us to discuss your options and develop a plan to fit your budget. 

Home Office Essentials

We are working from home more and more and we have a few idea’s to make things a little smoother!

Speakers from Sonos, Headphones from Klipsch and Lighting solutions from Mobifoto.